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Welcome to the official website for Floyd & Fred's HotLime!

Forget the "Red", Try Floyd & Fred's Instead!

Unlike the standard "red" hot sauces that make any food they are added to taste like, well, the flavor of the hot sauce, Floyd & Fred's HotLime has a tart, crisp but surprisingly understated zip that brings out the best in the existing flavor of foods. Try just a few drops on raw bar oysters, in place of butter as a dipping sauce for lobster, with crab, in guacamole or virtually any Mexican food, in Bloody Marys, with olives, as a marinade or in salad dressings.

In any situation where you may have used the "red" hot sauces, and in many cases where you wouldn't, Floyd & Fred's HotLime brings out the best in your food!

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Floyd's Famous HotLime Now Available In 2 Great Versions-- Green and Extra Hot!

Floyd & Fred's Now Available at all NorCal and PacificNW Whole Foods Locations!